Portrait of Marc Bouchenoire

Marc Bouchenoire

Detail-obsessed Design Engineer

Designing and building products, interfaces, and interactions.

I’m currently living in Amsterdam and working at Framer—focusing on the marketing site and its design system. Before that, I worked on Sketch Cloud and Mirror at Awkward and graduated from L’École de Design with a master’s degree in interaction design—exploring immersive interfaces.


A selection of projects I worked on in the past few years.


As part of the site team, I worked on many aspects of framer.com. From rewriting it from the ground up using Next.js and SCSS modules, to building things like unified search and custom hooks to orchestrate scroll animations and effects.


Framer Motion

I worked on Framer Motion’s initial public release and its subsequent redesign. From drafting its branding to designing and building its landing page—teaching concepts like declarative animations and gestures using interactive examples.

The Framer Motion website

Sketch Elements

Sketch Elements was a UI kit built and distributed by Sketch as a Library. It started out as a simple template to get started on a new iOS project but ended up heavily focusing on customization—showcasing advanced Symbols use cases.

A food app interface
A music app interface


A selection of personal—and open source—projects.

A collection of dimensions from iOS and iPadOS devices.

Learn more

A collection of every symbol from SF Symbols.

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Measure text asynchronously.

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Run tsc with both a configuration and specific files.

Sketch Constraints

A plugin that integrates constraints in Sketch to lay out layers.


Extract a color palette from Sketch images.


I occasionally listen to things and watch films.

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